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Class Roster

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Class Roster


Here's where we can find out a little bit more about each other.  Please list your name below, then link that name to a new page.  On your page, include your Wayne email address and a little bit of information about yourself.  Feel free to include an appropriate picture, if you'd like.  I'll go first...



Sue Muecke (instructor) 


Adrianna Jones


Sara Bazzi


Fahad Chudhry


Bradley Clark


Frederick Diggs


George Formicola


Melinda Klakulak


Nick Stilson


Ashley Tannahill


Andrew Cox


Alex Willy


Megan Markwardt


Sean Kozara


Timothy Fulwylie


Kendra Williams


Ricardo Ramirez


Ciara Sweeney


Keiona Harris


James Logan


Hannah Selewski


Dennis Nosis


Abby Constant


Mohamad Kaakarli


Brianne Blankenship


Nicolette Horsley

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