Project Three Peer Review Form

Project Three Peer Review Form


Please thoughtfully answer the following questions about the rough draft you're evaluating.  As always, feel free to provide any other comments, recommendations, or critiques that occur to you.


1.  Does the paper clearly define the problem it is responding to?


2.  Does the paper have a clear audience in mind?  Will the audience care about the problem?  Will the audience be in a position to do something about the problem?


3.  Does the paper convince you that the problem is a problem and that we need to do something about it?  Why or why not?


4.  Does the paper detail the proposed solution(s) and explain how it/they would be implemented?


5.  Does the paper clearly explain why we should implement its specific solution(s) and how it/they would solve the problem?


6.  Evaluate the proposal: do you think the proposed solution(s) would solve the problem?  Do you think the proposal is feasible or practical?  Why or why not?


7.  List some counterarguments to refute this paper's argument.


8.  What is the strongest element of this project?  Why?


9.  What is the weakest element of the project?  Why?  How would you improve/strengthen that element?