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Mohamad Kaakarli

Page history last edited by Mohamad Kaakarli 10 years ago

Hello, as you can tell by the name of the page my name is Mohamad Kaakarli. I am a first year student here at Wayne State, and I graduated from Rochester High School. One hobby of mine is camping up north. I love the fresh air and freedom from responsibility when camping. I also like fishing especially when camping but I'm an amateur at best. For fun I will occasionally write poems, although people tell me they are well written, I assume they are saying this because they are my friends, at the same time I don't believe they are bad. I remain undecided on my major as well as my minor, so in the mean time I will attempt to fly by my general courses.


Project 1: Rough Draft 1

Review- rough draft 1

Capitalism A Love Story workshop.doc


Project 2: Rough Draft 1

American Bullshit.doc edited.doc


Project 3: Rough Draft 1

Comments (2)

Ricardo Ramirez said

at 1:31 pm on Sep 22, 2010

Might sound weird, but if you want I can read some of your poems and give you a honest opinion! (friend-sympathy free). Oh and the general courses fly by fast! So I hope you decide on your major soon =]

Mohamad Kaakarli said

at 7:33 pm on Sep 23, 2010

naw its not weird, I'll email them to you. whats your email?

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