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September Thirteenth

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I Can Haz Rhetorical Analysez?



Presenting...Project One!


*Project One information here*



Modeling Your Project One Thesis Statements


Thesis statements for rhetorical analyses are a bit tricky.  The central argument of the work you are analyzing is ITS thesis.  YOUR thesis, however, will be an argument about how that thesis is MADE and SUPPORTED.


The "skeletal structure" for your Project One thesis will likely be some variation on the following:

  • A = Author(s)
  • W = Work being analyzed
  • T = Thesis of that Work
  • X, Y, Z, Q (etc.) = Particular strategies used in making/supporting T


  • In WA argues T through X, Y, Z.



A Couple Examples...


The thesis for the student example "Making Ends Meet in America":

In this bookEhrenreich cleverly utilizes statistics and her own personal experiences as well as the experiences of others, in order to bring to light the harsh reality facing those Americans who are shockingly close to poverty and debt despite their daily hard work.


...has this skeletal structure...


In WA cleverly utilizes X and Y as well as Z, in order to T.



What about the thesis from the student example "Now That's Bullshit!":

Through the use of comparison, definition, logic and social references, Frankfurt breaks the term down into smaller pieces, and ultimately arrives at the true meaning of Bullshit.


This thesis has the skeletal structure...




Observing Rhetoric in Its Natural Habitat


Television Ads:

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Ad Campaigns:

Mac vs. PC


Other Visuals...



Assignment for Wednesday:

  • Read all of Maus I: My Father Bleeds History
  • Be prepared for a quiz on the graphic novel! 

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