October First

Return of the Rough Draft Workshop




Just as you did on Monday, please write down three things you would like your peer editor to focus on when he/she reviews your paper.  These should be questions or concerns about your project.  What do you think you need help with?  What are you not sure of?  What should your reader pay specific attention to? 



The Rough Draft Workshop, Take Two


When reviewing your partner's rough draft, you should first address his/her three concerns before moving on to other issues.


Today, I would like to encourage you to evaluate your partner's paper based on the Project One Rubric.  This was actually suggested by one of your classmate's in his/her "Wrapping It Up" answers from the last workshop.  Since I use the Rubric to grade your papers, this is a nice way both to think critically about your partner's paper and to assess the paper in its current state.  Work through each section of the Rubric, noting things that your partner did well and areas that your partner could still improve.  Feel free to even give him/her a grade using the point system outlined!


Like Monday, you'll have about 15 minutes to edit and take notes on your partner's draft.  Then you two will get together to discuss each other's papers - approximately 15 minutes of discussion for each paper.  Feel free to discuss and alter this timeline with your partner.  Maybe you want a little bit longer to review each other's papers more thoroughly.  Maybe you want to discuss both papers simultaneously.  Maybe you want more time for discussion - the choice is yours. 



Peer Review Partnerships:


Group 1: Frederick and Alex


Group 2: Ciara and Hannah


Group 3: Ricardo and Brianne


Group 4: Andrew and Kendra


Group 5: Ashley and Abby


Group 6: Dennis and Melinda


Group 7: Adrianna and Sara


Group 8: Sean and Jim


Group 9: Nicolette and George


Group 10: Nick and Fahad


Group 11: Megan and Keiona


Group 12: Brad, Tim, and Mohamad



Don't Forget!


Your final draft of Project One is due this coming Monday, October 4 by 11:59pm.  Final drafts should be uploaded to the wiki and linked to your name on the U Can Haz Rhetorical Analysez page.  For detailed instructions on this process, please see the How to Upload Papers to the Wiki page.



Assignment for Monday: