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October Fifteenth

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Refining Our Defining




Early Academic Assessment Grades


Wondering what they are?  Click here for more information.



Grades Explained



Xtreme Maximum Research Challenge


  1. Using the resources we discussed Wednesday and last Friday, find two sources that you can use in your Project Two.

  2. Write a paragraph or two for each source in which you complete the following steps:

    1. Summarize the source you have found - your summary should be brief, but thorough and accurate. 

    2. Include in your summary at least one direct quotation that you think is important to the source.  Frame the quotation using the quotation sandwich templates from Wednesday.  Don't forget the parenthetical citation!

  3. Give your opinion about the source using one of the "responding to arguments" templates from Wednesday.
  4. Write a Works Cited entry for the source.  Refer to one of the resources mentioned last Friday to make sure you have cited and formatted the entry correctly.

  5. When you're finished, post your work as a comment(s) below. 



Assignment for Monday:

  • Complete rough draft of Project Two for the Rough Draft Workshop.  Your rough draft should be uploaded and linked on your Class Roster page.  See the Project Two and How to Upload Papers to the Wiki pages for more information.  Don't forget to clearly label your rough draft so that your peer reviewer can distinguish between your Project One and Project Two drafts.


Comments (26)

Andrew Cox said

at 10:24 am on Oct 15, 2010

The source that I found was called we need a hero and it gives the person's own definition of hero. Another really good detail is when he says that todays generation has grown up without a figure that is actually a hero. They have grown up with sports figures and rockstars as heros. he says and i quote "heroism is a social concept and it can be explained, taught, and modeled through education and practice" (Zimbrino).

Andrew Cox said

at 10:25 am on Oct 15, 2010

the artical can be beneficial for me to maybe get a contradicting definition of hero from other peoples eye.

George Formicola said

at 10:26 am on Oct 15, 2010

The source that I found is a site that discusses a scientific study that was done by the Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Ecology Research Group from Liverpool University. The results showed that making friends is actually more difficult than people primarily think of when they use social network sites. Dr. Reader, from Sheffield Hallam University stated that, “…making new friends involves an investment by committing time and energy to another person in the hope that they will provide reciprocal benefits in the future” (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/09/070912161147.htm) On many social networking sites, most people that use them simply click the mouse and become “friends” with another person. To many people, the term friend does not have the same meaning that it had years ago. I agree with the results from this group because I have had personal experience that agrees with the results. A particular friend of mine, let’s call her Sue, has over 500 friends on Facebook. Sue is friends with people that she went to grade school with, and people that she was acquainted with during high school. Now that she is in college, she does not talk to any of the people from grade school that she knew, and she only talks to a select few of the friends from high school. She still considers them friends of hers, even though she has not seen or heard of them in many years.
Works Cited:
1. British Association For The Advancement Of Science. "Is Social Networking Changing The Face Of Friendship?." ScienceDaily 14 September 2007. 15 October 2010 <http://www.sciencedaily.com¬ /releases/2007/09/070912161147.htm>.

Brianne Blankenship said

at 10:26 am on Oct 15, 2010

In the article "The New Monogamy", Helen Fisher draws on the views of marriage and how they have changed over the past 100 years. Many tarditions of what marriage is supposed to be is shedding and returning to patterns of sex and romance that evolved from Africa millions of years ago. Fisher also talks about how our views of infidelity and divorce are changing. Some married couples are agreeing to have sexual encounters with the appoval of a spouse and some even persue long term adulterous relationships. Divorce was considered a sign of failure but now it is a celebration to go and find happiness elsewhere. Marriage were based on the concepts of "til death do us part",and men should be the bread winners in the household. "These beliefs are vanishing. Instead, children are expressing their sexuality. "Hooking up" is becoming commonplace, along with living together, bearing children out of wedlock, womenheaded households, interracial marriages, homosexual weddings, commuter marriages between individuals who live apart, childless marriages, betrothals between older women and younger men, and small families."(Fisher,The Futurist).

Nicolette Horsley said

at 10:26 am on Oct 15, 2010

According to Paul Harvey, being a father is one of the best things in the world, they would do anything for their children and family, and are there for their children when the need them most. Harvey states "Knights in shining armor; fathers in shiny trousers. There's little difference as they march away each workday". Basically Harvey is saying that a father is a hero to a child, but they have to be there for them and protect them. I agree with Harvey that a father is a hero because my father is my hero, he was there for me and helped raise me, he goes to work everyday for me. But my daughter does not have that, her father isn't there for her, this is why i do not consider him a father.

Works Cited:
Harvey, Paul. and Rob the "ivman". "Ivman's blague." What is a father?. WordPress, 06 14 2010. Web. 15 Oct 2010. <http://blog.ivman.com/what-is-a-father/>.

Ashley Tannahill said

at 10:28 am on Oct 15, 2010

The author of Doubt and Belief, Greddes MacGregor states: “…for faith has an ethical content, with implicates of courage and perseverance that are irrelevant to intellectual assent to any proposition or thesis, religious or otherwise” (2425). In other words, MacGregor believes that faith goes beyond just simply agreeing with what is said, and having your own strong belief in what you personally find to be true. I agree that MacGregor’s explanation of faith is accurate, a point that needs emphasizing since now-a-days so many people are losing faith.

Megan Markwardt said

at 10:28 am on Oct 15, 2010

John Robison questions the definition of smart, he talks about how people think your smart by the choice of your words. He states, " did have really good speaking skills. That part of my brain is "smart." But there's more to being smart than the ability to talk a good game. There's also math smarts, history smarts, and smarts for everything else they teach in school. And finally, one big smarts is social smarts." In other words, Robison believes that there are many different types or definitions for smart. Also, he talks about how he always watched grownups when he was little and was confused because a grownup would call a boy smart and then he would go to school and someone would call him dumb. Robison says that it is very hard to pinpoint the definition of smart. I agree with Robison that there are many different types of smart because it is hard to have one absolute definition for the word.

"What Is Smart? | Psychology Today." Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness Find a Therapist. Web. 15 Oct. 2010. <http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/my-life-aspergers/200911/what-is-smart>.

Fahad Chudhry said

at 10:30 am on Oct 15, 2010

Bullying is a something that happens around us everyday around there are so many different forms of bullying such as cyber bullying and physically hurting someone for no reason. “Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending him or herself.” Bullying is a something that can hurt kids and even young teens in the long run because it can affect them in many ways such as ruining their self-esteem, confidence to walk around freely, and mentally hurt them as well.

Nick Stilson said

at 10:30 am on Oct 15, 2010

Is man-made global warming just an idea? Dr. Arthur Robinson as well as 32000 scientists seem to think so. More than 9000 of the 32000 scientists hold scientific PhDs. Compared to the 1200 scientists that think global warming is man-made there are 12 times as many scientists that believe global warming is just a natural progression of the sun affecting the earth. To help argue that he is correct Robinson states, “There is no convincing evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing or will cause, in the foreseeable future, catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate." I agree with what Robinson is saying because in all the time I have heard news about global warming there has not been solid evidence suggesting that man has released excess gases into the atmosphere thereby causing the atmosphere to begin to deteriorate. There have been arguments that have said man has caused global warming but they seem to be disproved rather quickly, however, they tend to stay out long enough to get people to think about the environment. What does Robinson argue then as to why the earth seems to be warming up every year? He points to the sun, stating that the sunspot index has predicted the earth’s temperature changes with 79% accuracy 10 years before they happen.

Nick Stilson said

at 10:30 am on Oct 15, 2010

. Robinson said the lack of correlation between carbon dioxide levels and past Earth temperatures proves that carbon dioxide is not dominating our climate. "If carbon dioxide isn't causing our tiny warming, then banning all our energy will simply make people poor and helpless," Robinson said. "The cold spells and heat waves nature will always throw at us will then, indeed, threaten human lives on the planet." I completely agree with his statement because saying that a certain gas is causing the earth to heat up can cost people jobs because in order to get the world to stop heating up so much the logical thing to do would be to stop the source of the gas completely.
Source Citation
Avery, Dennis T. "Nearly 32,000 scientists deny manmade global warming." Feedstuffs 80.24 (2008): 8. Academic OneFile. Web. 15 Oct. 2010.

Document URL

Mohamed Ghoteimi said

at 10:31 am on Oct 15, 2010

As Michael J. Vlach states, “The cosmological argument for God’s existence goes like this: The world could not exist on its own so there must have been a first cause that brought it into being. This first cause is God. Or put another way, the universe could not just exist on its own—someone or something must have made it. This cause of the universe is God.” Basically in this quote, the author is stating that the world could not exist without an almighty creator, “God”. I definitely agree with this statement, obviously something or someone had to have created everything we see and hear and feel.


Kendra Williams said

at 10:31 am on Oct 15, 2010

In motherhood they have an article called “being a good mother” they describe what qualities you should have when you become a mother. How you should be clever as far as getting the kids to bed on time, doing chores while they are sleep and making sure you love them. According to Motherhoods article “Being a good mother” they state ”“Through all of the drama which will most likely take place when raising children; in the end all that matters is making sure that you have loved your children”, meaning love is all the children basically needs. I disagree with this statement because love isn’t everything. Children also need guidance, rules and someone to teach them right from wrong, besides being a mother we are also teachers. Children need love and other things that they will not learn in school or from television and also other people.

Mohamad Kaakarli said

at 10:31 am on Oct 15, 2010

Since I couldn't not find anything on scholarly about me, I've concluded to change my topic. I can't tell you what it is yet because I don't know what it is.

frederick diggs said

at 10:31 am on Oct 15, 2010

ADHD is a symptoms of inattention and distractibility, In attention mean someone who has a problem with doing different task and functioning school work and work Some time ADHD is found in children at a very young age but most individuals have problems losing thing and trying to keep up with thing ,but sometime it is hard to keep up and sometime this is what causes ADHD children and adult become very problematic.

Alex said

at 10:31 am on Oct 15, 2010

As Michael J. Vlach states, “The cosmological argument for God’s existence goes like this: The world could not exist on its own so there must have been a first cause that brought it into being. This first cause is God. Or put another way, the universe could not just exist on its own—someone or something must have made it. This cause of the universe is God.” Basically in this quote, the author is stating that the world could not exist without an almighty creator, “God”. I definitely agree with this statement, obviously something or someone had to have created everything we see and hear and feel.


Hannah Selewski said

at 10:32 am on Oct 15, 2010

One of the sources that I found for my paper is http://everythingforever.com/einstein.htm a website based on leading theoretical physicists and their concepts and theories on time. There are many scientists who equally agree that past, present,and future exist simultaneously, and in a letter to Einstein's friend's family he had stated that, "for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one."

Obiageli Ifezue said

at 10:32 am on Oct 15, 2010

I have looked at many different journals on the school's library website and I cannot find anything that agrees with my definition that abortion is murder. I am now thinking about changing either my topic or my definition.

Ciara Sweeney said

at 10:33 am on Oct 15, 2010

Sisters are supposed to have this bond that can’t be broken by anybody; they are supposed to be there when there’s nobody else to count on. According Barbara Alpert, a sister is you’re everything, partner in crime, lifts your spirits when you are down and try to warn you about things in life. I agree Barbara Alpert because of my mother and aunt situation as sisters. “She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink” Barbara Alpert is basically saying the older sister is suppose to help her little sister in every way possible but in my mother aunt case it’s the opposite.(http://www.quotegarden.com/sisters.html)

Adrianna Jones said

at 10:33 am on Oct 15, 2010

Since I am undecided between two topics for project two, I decided to research both to determine which will give me more sources. For the topic home, I found nothing. There was one source I found however entitled, "What would home be like without mother." In other words it was saying a home isn't complete with a mom, dad, etc. For the term Christianity I found a journal entitled " Christianity: the first three thousand years." This book I believe would be a great source in definingthe term christianity.We live in a time of tremendous religious awareness, when both believers and non-believers are deeply engaged by questions of religion and tradition, says Diarmaid MacCulloch, the author of this book. This book ranges from the orgins of christianity to today. I think that if I research a little more on both terms I'll be able to decide between the two.

frederick diggs said

at 10:34 am on Oct 15, 2010

http// www. ADHD.com

Dennis Nosis said

at 10:35 am on Oct 15, 2010

I couldnt find ANYTHING to help me, so I'm thinking about changing my topic. I couldnt tell you exactly what yet, but I'll try a little longer and if nothing comes up, I will change it.

James Logan said

at 10:36 am on Oct 15, 2010

In a source that I discovered, it talks about how people are commonly judged and perceived on what they are capable of doing based on their beauty and their pleasing aesthetics. This has developed into a major stereotype that many people currently believe. According to Alan Feingold, “Beauty is perceived to be correlated with intelligence, social skills, and health” (Alan Feingold, 1992; Alice H. Eagly etal., 2001). In other words many individuals today have a tendency to stereotype others based on their external appearances. I agree with this theory because based on personal experiences, people do favor those who are more beautiful than others. *Not sure if this is what I want to do my project on, hopefully it will suffice.

Sean Kozara said

at 10:36 am on Oct 15, 2010

I looked through various journals about success but could not find exactly what i was looking for. I think i need to change my keywords in order to find what I'm looking for.

Keiona Harris said

at 8:14 pm on Oct 16, 2010

The article that i found goes along with my definition of beauty, it talks about how you can't look at someone and say they're beautiful. You're beautiful by whats inside. Cathy Newman states, " Perhaps we are truly human when we come to believe that beauty is not so much in the eye, as in the heart, of the beholder" (Newman). I agree with this statement because no matter how pretty you look on the outside if you have an ugly personality you're not as beautiful as you think you are.

Newman, Cathy. "The Enigma of Beauty". National Geographic

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