October Fifteenth

Refining Our Defining




Early Academic Assessment Grades


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Grades Explained



Xtreme Maximum Research Challenge


  1. Using the resources we discussed Wednesday and last Friday, find two sources that you can use in your Project Two.

  2. Write a paragraph or two for each source in which you complete the following steps:

    1. Summarize the source you have found - your summary should be brief, but thorough and accurate. 

    2. Include in your summary at least one direct quotation that you think is important to the source.  Frame the quotation using the quotation sandwich templates from Wednesday.  Don't forget the parenthetical citation!

  3. Give your opinion about the source using one of the "responding to arguments" templates from Wednesday.
  4. Write a Works Cited entry for the source.  Refer to one of the resources mentioned last Friday to make sure you have cited and formatted the entry correctly.

  5. When you're finished, post your work as a comment(s) below. 



Assignment for Monday: