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October Twenty-Ninth

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Proposal Arguments -or-



Why My Idea is Better Than Yours



Remember Evaluation Arguments?


An evaluation argument is focused on making a judgment.  Evaluations answer questions such as:

  • Is X a good or bad idea?

    • Is it a good idea to send humans into space?

  • Is X moral or immoral?

    • Is the death penalty unethical?

  • Is X beneficial or harmful? 

    • Is the internet bad for us?

  • Is X successful or not?

    • Does the military's stop-loss program work?

  • Is X a good or bad example of Y?

    • Is gangsta rap a worthwhile form of music? 



And Introducing...Proposal Arguments!


A proposal is an attempt to solve a specific problem.  It argues that we should/should not take or support a certain action.



Key Features of Proposal Arguments - Everything's an Argument pg. 389


  • A description of a problem that needs a solution - in other words, an evaluation of the problem
    • Paint a picture of the problem in concrete and memorable ways
    • Show how the problem affects the audience for the argument as well as the larger society
    • Explain why the problem is significant
    • Explain why other attempts to address the issue may have failed 
  • A claim that proposes a practice or policy that addresses a problem, is oriented toward action, and is appropriate to your audience
  • Statements that clearly relate the claim to the problem
  • Evidence that the proposal will effectively address or solve the problem and that it's workable 



Presenting...Project Three!


*Project Three information here*



How to Formulate Proposal Arguments


  • Problem: People who drive slowly in the left lane


Questions to Consider

  • Who are we talking to here?  How are we planning to reach them - a newspaper editorial?  a blog posting?
  • How would we justify that this is a problem in need of solving? 
  • What exactly are we proposing?
  • How would we support our proposal?  What kinds of evidence would we look for?  Where might we look for it?
  • Why hasn't this problem already been solved?
  • Why is our solution better than other solutions? 



Assignment for Monday:

  • Continue working on your Project Two final drafts.  
  • Don't Forget: Final draft of Project Two due by 11:59pm tonight! - submit your final draft by uploading the document to the wiki, then linking it to your name on the Finished page.  Please also email me your SafeAssign Final Draft report, either by copying and pasting the report into an email or by sending me a link to the report. 


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