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November Fifth

Page history last edited by Sue Muecke 9 years, 10 months ago

Just Say No!




Planting a Naysayer in Your Text

(Chapter 6)


Templates for Entertaining Objections (pgs. 82-84):

  • Yet some readers may challenge my view by insisting that ______.
  • However, does the evidence I've cited prove conclusively that ______?
  • Of course, many will probably disagree on the grounds that ______.
  • But ______ would certainly take issue with the argument that ______.


Templates for Making Concessions while Still Standing Your Ground (pg. 89):

  • Proponents of X are right to argue that ______.  But they exaggerate when they claim that ______.
  • While it is true that ______, it does not necessarily follow that ______.
  • On the one hand, I agree with X that ______.  But on the other hand, I still insist that ______.


How can you use this in Project Three?



Incorporating Naysayers into Project Three: An Exercise


  1.  Find a source that presents a counterargument, a problem or a challenge to your Project Three argument.
    1. This source can disagree with you about the nature of the problem - or it can argue that it's not a problem at all.
    2. The source can be something that complicates the implementation of your chosen solution.
    3. It can even be a competing solution to your problem.
  2.  Using the "They Say / I Say" templates and techniques, introduce this source as a naysayer in the context of your argument.
    1. Remember to summarize the source's key points (its argument and main evidence).
    2. Then, respond to the opposing claim.  Either refute the objection, make a concession, or (if necessary) revise your argument.



Assignment for Monday:

  • Complete rough draft of Project Three for the Rough Draft Workshop.  Your rough draft should be uploaded and linked on your Class Roster page.  See the Project Three and How to Upload Papers to the Wiki pages for more information.  Don't forget to clearly label your rough draft so that your peer reviewer can distinguish between your Project One, Two, and Three drafts. 


Comments (4)

Alex said

at 10:26 am on Nov 5, 2010

As one anonymous naysayer states in a blog, “I've seen "feral" used to describe dogs, cats, even goats. But I have wondered if it couldn't also be used to describe certain houses in Detroit. Abandoned houses are really no big deal here.” This particular naysayer believes these houses are a natural, beautiful part of the city that have no negative effect what-so-ever. Another point this blogger makes, is that these abandoned houses provide a shelter for wild animals, specifically wild packs of dogs. I disagree with these statements, respectively, on the basis that we should be vacating this land for a productive use.

Ashley Tannahill said

at 10:28 am on Nov 5, 2010

Author of the online article, “Hiding the Real Problems in Education”, Stephen A. Jones states, “We start by recognizing that while schools may help students get an education they can use to rise out of poverty, schools cannot solve the problem of poverty”. On the one hand, I agree with Jones that schools alone cannot solve the problem of poverty; but on the other hand, I still insist that education should be the main focus on helping citizens get out of the slump of living in poverty. I believe that education is certainly the first step to take while applying my solution to end the homeless problem in Detroit.


Adrianna Jones said

at 10:31 am on Nov 5, 2010

Although I didnt find many sources for my topic, I was able to revise it. Because proposing that the cost of living in detroit is indeed a great problem, finding solution would be to difficult. So to specify more I 'm just going to propose that living in detroit is a problem as far as bad neighborhoods and unafforadable living.

Mohamad Kaakarli said

at 5:01 am on Nov 7, 2010

Sam Haselby, author of the online article, "The problem with bipartisanship" states, "Democracy depends on partisanship - the kind of strong and critical advocacy that opens public debate, forces the parties to explain their ideas, and clarifies choices for voters." I respectably disagree with his statement due to the fact that these so called public debates have not existed, when parties explain their ideas they have simply been vague non-descriptive, and lastly inefficient to legislate productively.

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