November Fifth

Just Say No!




Planting a Naysayer in Your Text

(Chapter 6)


Templates for Entertaining Objections (pgs. 82-84):


Templates for Making Concessions while Still Standing Your Ground (pg. 89):


How can you use this in Project Three?



Incorporating Naysayers into Project Three: An Exercise


  1.  Find a source that presents a counterargument, a problem or a challenge to your Project Three argument.
    1. This source can disagree with you about the nature of the problem - or it can argue that it's not a problem at all.
    2. The source can be something that complicates the implementation of your chosen solution.
    3. It can even be a competing solution to your problem.
  2.  Using the "They Say / I Say" templates and techniques, introduce this source as a naysayer in the context of your argument.
    1. Remember to summarize the source's key points (its argument and main evidence).
    2. Then, respond to the opposing claim.  Either refute the objection, make a concession, or (if necessary) revise your argument.



Assignment for Monday: