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One of the skills an advanced writer must learn is public presentation.  At some point in your academic or professional career, you will likely be called upon to share your ideas with your peers in a meeting, a conference, a speech, a lecture, or in a class presentation much like this one.  While students and professionals alike often dread public speaking, presentations are valuable opportunities both to persuade your colleagues and to receive vital feedback on your work.




With that in mind, this presentation has been designed to work in conjunction with your Project Four essay.  Your job is to present your cultural analysis, covering the basics of your argument and seeking feedback on your project.  Make sure to include all of the following:

  • Your thesis (i.e. the argument you are making)

  • The support that proves your thesis, including key claims, supporting details, textual analysis, and research.

    • Your presentation needs to make a complete argument, from introduction to conclusion.  In essence, you are presenting your paper, which at this point should be a full, relatively polished rough draft.

  • The exigence of your analysis.  Why should we, your audience, care about your argument?  Why does it matter?

  • Finally, you should end your presentation with several questions for your classmates about your work.  Are you stuck?  Is there something you’re not sure about or that you need help with?



Additional Requirements:

  • The presentation must be 10 minutes long.  About 8 minutes of that time should consist of your presentation itself, with the last 2 minutes reserved for your questions about your project.

  • Your presentation must incorporate an audio-visual component (for example, a PowerPoint presentation, video or audio clips, images, etc.)

  • Your presentation must be a stand-alone entity; do not simply read your paper aloud.

  • On the day you present, you will give me a hard copy of an outline of your presentation.




You will be evaluated on both the content and the style of your presentation.  For a detailed breakdown of what I am looking for, see the following rubric:


Presentation Rubric



Presentation Schedule


December 1:

  • Melinda
  • Tim
  • Nicolette
  • Adrianna
  • Ricardo


December 3:

  • Hannah
  • George
  • Abby
  • Jim
  • Nick


December 6:

  • Alex
  • Ciara
  • Brad
  • Fahad
  • Kendra


December 8:

  • Andrew
  • Sean
  • Dennis
  • Ashley
  • Keiona


December 10:

  • Brianne
  • Sara
  • Megan
  • Frederick 


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