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November Twenty-Second

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Project Four Outline Workshop


Outline of the teenage years...



Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...


Form a group of approximately 4 people.  Taking turns, focus on each group member's outline and offer feedback.  In addition to any general comments and suggestions you might have, make sure to answer the following questions:


1.  Does the writer focus on making an argument about American culture?  Or does he/she merely talk about the phenomenon itself?  Remember, the argument should be focused on American culture, not just on the phenomenon.


2.  Does the writer clearly indicate who cares or who should care about this argument?  Does he/she explain why the argument matters and why it's important?


3.  Do you find the argument convincing?  Why/why not?  How can the writer make it more so?


Sharing the Intel


Once your group has workshopped every outline, select one that you would like to share with the rest of the class.



Don't Forget!


There is NO CLASS on Wednesday, November 24th or Friday, November 26th in honor of Thanksgiving.  Relax, refresh, and stuff yourselves silly!


Lastly, presentations begin on Wednesday, December 1st.  Check out the Schedule and Presentation pages for a list of who's presenting when.



Assignment for Monday, November 29th:

  • Complete rough draft of Project Four for the Rough Draft Workshop.  Your rough draft should be uploaded and linked on your Class Roster page.  See the Project Three page for more information. 


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